Manchester Buildings

A personal project. Manchester is home to some fine, and not so fine architecture. But there's beauty to be found among all of it, if you look for it. I want to draw the locations that intrigue me… be it great signage, beautiful brick work, the way sunlight hits a facade, or some other personal connection. I'm now working on some new ones after a long hiatus. Some are evolving a bit, becoming more… interpretive maybe. When I started this project, I was just making a straightforward record of what was in front of me. I'm still doing that, but I'm also seeing other possibilities too. I'm going to see where they take me…

 +Warehouse (Days of Glory)

Warehouse (Days of Glory)


 +George Leigh Street

George Leigh Street

Available as a print.

 +Keep On The Sunny Side

Keep On The Sunny Side

Houldsworth Street, Ancoats
Available as a print.

 +Piccadilly Records

Piccadilly Records

Oldham Street, Northern Quarter



Shudehill, City Centre
Available as a print.

 +Dead Post Office

Dead Post Office

Long Millgate, City Centre
Available as a print.

 +Adult Vid

Adult Vid's & Dvd's

Northern Quarter
Ltd re-release!



Northern Quarter
Sold out.

 +Sevendale House

Sevendale House

Northern Quarter
Sold out.

 +Van Dang

Van Dang

Northern Quarter/Piccadilly Basin
Available as a print.